AC-5axis Water Jet Machine

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Shuttle Water Jet

In June 2008, a small team which was made of Lee and his seven workers was busy producing the water jet machine in a small workshop.
This is the beginning of Shuttle Water Jet.

Over the years, Lee and his team devote themselves to R&D and producing water jet machine which is practical and concise. From generic 3axis, mature AB-5axis, to hot-selling AC-5axis, fast speed pump. Each of the equipment is suitable for the market demand at that time and never outdated and is always popular with domestic and foreign customers.
In June 2015, as a big company, to satisfy the production and development, Shuttle decided to move the company to the other place which owns a bigger area. 

No matter in the past, now, or in the future, Shuttle still insists to grow up on the way of water jet machine. Insist on innovation and concentrate on production.

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Suppliers Of Configurations

We devote ourselves in cooperating with famous suppliers and producing the better water jet machine.

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